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In partnership with clients, architects and engineers, ingélux proposes high quality lighting solutions in a sustainable development approach with energy consumption and minimum environmental impact.
The costs of these solutions are carefully optimized (investment, maintenance, operation).

ingélux is developing a wide range of original tools and processes to be used for both exploration phases, design and on-site validation.

ingélux develops scientific knowledge through partnerships with various research teams, and in particular with the CNRS-DGCB Laboratory, in the National School of Public Works of the State in Lyon.

ingélux has strong links with international networks involved in lighting activities (programs CIE, IEC, IEA, EC and CEN).

ingélux is a S.A.R.L. located in the Lyon region and founded in 2001.
The first goal was to make operational the know-how in the field of building’s lighting , developed in the DGCB-CNRS laboratory of the National School of Public Works of the State, located in the Lyon area.

With the development of the company, ingélux began to offer new innovative methods and to expand its field activity to public lighting, tunnel lighting and development of lighting and software products (simulation and control).

In 2013, ingélux has a staff of 11 people. The management team consists of :

Christophe MartyChristophe Marty

Ingénieur TPE / Diplômé DPLG
Directeur Associé

Laurent EscaffreLaurent Escaffre

Ingénieur TPE / Diplômé DPLG
Directeur Associé

Bernard FieuxBernard Fieux

Ingénieur INSA

The team consists of lighting engineers, optical engineer, software developers, lighting designers, electricians, designers