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Control rooms

Airports Flight control towers and industrial control rooms require very high visual performance during day and night, and also demand solutions reducing stress and maintaining alertness.
ingélux proposes solutions based on detailed studies of luminance control in the visual field and collects constraints associated to vision of information on displays of various sizes. Vision to the outside through windows is also an objective, which needs to be coordinated with the visual conditions inside the building (daylight factor, glare due to reflection, reflection on the visual display terminal).
ingélux proposes throughout its missions the design of lighting installations, specifications of windows equipment (glazing, occlusions) and the surface coating.
Traffic Control Tower Marseille’s Airport

Traffic Control Tower Marseille’s Airport

Design of artificial lighting of workstations (2004).

Traffic Control Tower Cayenne, DDE / SMFA / BE (2007)

Traffic Control Tower Cayenne, DDE / SMFA / BE (2007)

Lighting design of the control room integration of new visual ergonomics constraints related to a change in the laying out of the interior.