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Airports and stations

Railway stations and airports are particularly suitable places to develop innovative daylighting solutions, according to strict specifications due to requirements for visibility, guidance and security.
ingélux proposes spaces with comfortable ambiances adapted to passengers in transit, with an emphasis on easy orientation in the space. Travelling and waiting period are then experienced with reduced stress and leads to a better image of the airport or of the station.
Aéroports de Paris - CDG (Terminal 2B)

Aéroports de Paris – CDG (Terminal 2B)

Calculation of natural light and optimization of roof glazing design. Glazing specification. Design of an artificial mood and security lighting

Aéroports de Paris - CDG Terminal 2E

Aéroports de Paris – CDG Terminal 2E

Assistance to work, renovation, consulting in artificial lighting and materials selection . Development of lighting scenes.

Paris-Orly Airport, South Orly

Paris-Orly Airport, South Orly

Architect (ADP): Afsaneh Lehmann
Improving the lighting of the “international” space.